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Why MLM Success is Created with Binary MLM Compensation Plans

By Justin D'Angelo On February 4, 2010 Under MLM Training & Tips

“MLM Success”

MLM success is created with binary MLM compensation plans for many reasons.  Here are a few things to think about when looking at MLM compensation plans.

Benefits to Binary

  • Binary MLM’s promote team building.  More reps working together to reach long term MLM success.
  • Binary MLM compensation plans pay reps on volume to infinity not just a handful of levels.
  • More active reps are successful in building a binary mlm because of the spillover from upline team members.  This benefits more reps creating team synergy and excitement but more importantly binary mlm’s go into massive momentum.
  • Binary MLM’s are much easier to structure which saves you a lot of time in the building process.
  • MLM success happens for more active reps in a binary mlm because you are paid on all of the product orders on your team to infinity putting more money in your pocket and building a huge residual income check over time.
  • Binary MLM’s are easier to build online so more top internet marketers are attracted to these MLM compensation plans which results in MLM success.
  • Reps can create urgency while recruiting more new reps because of the spillover factor.  Some binary MLM companies offer the holding tank feature which allows you to hold your new sign-ups for a few days.  You can leverage this factor and create urgency as you talk with new prospects.

In a nutshell binary mlm’s equal team synergy and money making momentum.

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