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Why Join MLM in 2010

By April D'Angelo On December 31, 2009 Under Featured Post

Well it’s the last day of the year and like last year you probably have high expectations for the upcoming year.

But realistically society as a whole has a lot of new challenges we are facing this year.  For one ‘job security’ is a thought of the past.  We should no longer be placing our future in the hands of our so-called careers and bosses.  No offence guys. We don’t need a recap of all the pay cuts and closed down businesses from this last year to remind us why. It’s time to take a serious look at our futures and make a plan that we have more control over than anyone else.

Which brings me right back to why MLM in 2010.
These are the facts; start up costs are minimal, most products are the best available of their kind, your paycheck can potentially continue to grow every week or month, you can easily help others help themselves and better than that you won’t get layed off while doing it.

People like Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump are supporting the MLM industry and backing it up based on how it can empower its participants to better live their lives. Freedom is the word of the day. In time, in finances, in every area of our lives we need freedom in order to live well.  Time and currency are tools we need to live well and to help others live well.

People like Brig Hart’s monthly earnings are estimated to be at $950,000 this month in  MLM’s own Monavie. Or you’ve got Rolf Kipp in Forever Living who estimates $375,000 monthly.  This is serious business. People who already know better are involved or getting involved. And there are those with no place else to turn who need to hear about this. This is the freedom plan for 2010! This is MLM Living!

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