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Wealth Creation vs. How to Make Money

By Robert Phillips On August 3, 2010 Under Motivation & Mindset

“Wealth Creation”

There is a subject that can be felt in the air at this present time.  Something that consciously I cannot avoid.  I feel it should be addressed at such an important time as this.

Many people are trying so diligently to make ends meet right now that the concept is not something they are directly thinking about.  By now you are probably wondering what I mean.  Well its funny how two completely different things can be looked upon as one and the same.

Cash is not the same thing as wealth.  Just like credit is not the same as cash.  What I am trying to say is making money is a short-term process, as well as a short term goal.  While wealth creation only happens in the long run and is a worthy goal to set yourself up for years to come.

Healthy economies are  established by wealth and power not by simply making money.  Picture a field of vegetation.  The farmers harvest and sell their crops year after year. They invest that money and buy more land.  They do the same and put more people to work and so on and so forth.  Then you have the guy that shows up to work day in and day out.  He is making money and eventually he will be able to afford to start payments on a new car; so he does.  Now he shows up day in and day out to keep up on the payments and put gas in the car.

It’s almost like people don’t  realize that to make more money you have to PLAN to make more money.  Some people’s problem is their income, not their spending.  The idea I am trying to have us engage in is focusing on wealth creation and savings rather than consumption and luxury.  Is what you invest your time in making you money in the short term or wealth creation in the long term?  Just throwing the idea out there.

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Robert Phillips

Wealth Creation Expert

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