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The Value of A Dream

By April D'Angelo On January 16, 2010 Under Leadership

Ahhh,.. Why dream you say?  Having a dream not only provides us with hope for the future it also gives us power for the present.  Not only does it allow us, but I would say it also encourages us to prioritize our entire lives around this dream.  It is the person with a dream who becomes profoundly aware of what he or she is willing to give up in order to make that dream a reality.  When one has a dream they can easily evaluate the importance or worth of all their activities based on whether they contribute to their dream or take away from it.  At this point they can place their time and attention on the things that bring them closer to their dream and less attention on those things that do not.

The sad fact is many people do quite the opposite when it comes to their dream.  Instead of focusing their attention on the one dream and letting go of the rest they tend to want to “keep all their options open”.  The problem with this sort of behavior is it actually opens the door for more problems.  Things become more chaotic as decision making becomes more and more complicated for them. In the beginning it may seem exciting having so many options at their fingertips and so many possibilities for them to choose from.  But as time goes by they will begin to recognize their inability to move forward.  All their time will be spent protecting and preserving their options instead of actually progressing in any of them.

So you see, it is valuable to have a dream.  The person who is willing to focus only on their one dream will not encounter these problems.  It will be easier to place their attention on what brings them closer to that dream.  Let everything else fall to the wayside. It is no longer important.  Just knowing that will free up our mind and our time to fully focus on our dream.  This is your “one thing focus”.  Now you can concentrate on only those things that make a difference.  This will keep you on the right path headed straight for your dream.

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