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The Golden Rule of Leadership

By April D'Angelo On January 18, 2010 Under Leadership

There are so many things in life we want to do or we want to see others do. We want to be or we just want to see others be. We want to control or you get my point. Not everything in life or leadership is in our control. You are not in control of how your business associates do business. You are not in control of your competitor’s marketing tactics. Or the stock market or whether or not it rains.

While life is uncertain and change is inevitable there is one thing you and you alone have complete control over. Your integrity. It is you alone that decides to set the standard by which you live and do business. Your morals and ethical values, the way you treat people and your overall character should not change according to where you are and what you’re doing. When it comes to using principles of honesty and integrity you are the designer of your own destiny.

The number one foundational element of leadership knows no boundaries and encounters no limitations. The Golden Rule is the same in life as it in leadership. People watch as others set the standards and they follow what they see. When we live our lives with integrity and follow the Golden Rule, we set an example that has a far greater impact than any words that we speak.

Simple as it sounds it’s powerful and true and can be applied to every area of life and leadership. When it comes to training people what do you think is the most influential and effective route? You got it, they follow their leader’s example. When they see them constantly learning and acquiring new skills they will be inspired to do the same.

What about motivating people do you think it’s just that simple? Of course If you want to motivate your people to go to a whole new level, get yourself motivated and and grow and develop yourself. People will follow the example they see. They will do what they see their leader doing.

How do you mentor people? By giving someone the inside look at your life; what you are experiencing and how you are handling it. The purpose is for them to learn from you mistakes and your successes. This should allow them the ability to make more educated decisions when they face similar circumstances. How?, by following your example and doing what they have already seen modeled for them.

It is so important to lead with your integrity and values. It doesn’t matter what your motto is or your company’s impressive-sounding statements of value or core beliefs. These all mean nothing unless they are being consistently modeled day in and day out by the top leaders all the way down. I am telling you people are looking for the standard and the example.

You have heard it said before you are only as strong as your weakest link. It doesn’t take much backsliding from a leader’s own integrity for people to set that as the standard of norm. Remember when your standard of integrity and values are right on the inside it will be easy to lead correctly on the outside. The Golden Rule of Leadership starts with you and continues through your own expanding sphere of influence. Great leaders lead by example with integrity. People follow what they see.

As you develop and convey these leadership qualities you’ll discover the secrets of what makes a good leader.

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3 comments - add yours

January 20, 2010

Hi, thanks much for the add. great posts you have here very contemporary and relevant with the times. I’d like to add further that the greatest leaders and conquerors in history started out as simple, rebellious, sometimes scoundrels and the most radical of followers. Basically they’ve dared the trial and error methods without fear and succeeded. cheers always

mike klenner

January 25, 2010

Living our lives with integrity and following some set of golden rules are the leadership qualities. To get real success in MLM business we have certain MLM secrets and golden rules. If we follow these, we can very easily become successful in MLM business and earn as much as we need.

Jonathan Sweeting

May 31, 2010

People do what You do and not what You say, I will never forget that lesson I learned a long time ago. This post takes Me back.

Thanks for sharing Rob,
*Jonathan Sweeting*