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Social Marketing Instinct For Dummies

By April D'Angelo On February 16, 2010 Under MLM Training & Tips

“Social Marketing For Dummies”

How To Be Irresistibly Contagious!
What comes to mind when you think about the word contagious?  Bare with me. Lets brainstorm for a minute for the sake of creative marketing advancement.  There is a period of time when one “catches” something that they are contagious.  Where say their enthusiasm is genuine and their influence is great because of it.  During this particular period of time their excitement is naturally “viral” and in effect effortlessly creates “momentum”.  Have you ever heard people talk about how when someone is “in love” they are capable of anything. Well in the same way, when someone is excited about something they love, it naturally becomes an effortless passion. When we are doing the thing that we love it doesn’t feel like the mind breaking labor that drains your time and spirit.  When someone is doing something they love and they are genuinely passionate about it, it actually gives them life and energy.  Calling upon their own personal talents and challenging them to go higher and further than they would care to go if it was something that did not require their heart.

I believe this is the number one reason why people refer to the network marketing industry as a “lifestyle” or a “way of life”.  Instead of referencing it as a “job” or even a career.  It’s just so much more than that. It really is a “life-giving” “energy-boosting” “heart-pumping” “freedom-creating” “money-making” reason to get out of bed every day, purpose driven way of living! That my friend is the secret to your marketing instinct.  If you don’t feel that way about what you’re doing you are not in the right place.  Only you can decide how much you will love something.  Deciding it’s value to you is very important and once this has been established there is no looking back!  This particular key will define the extent of your dedication and devotion  to the challenge.

There is already proof and evidence that this industry and way of living is well worth its weight in gold.  So how much do you love it? How excited are you about this higher way of living?  Well don’t keep it all bottled up, pour out that contagious affection and get the next wave rollin in!!!

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One comment - add yours

February 23, 2010

It’s a short of saying ” You can do anything if you put your heart into it.”