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Pyxism Review Highlights 3 Aspects Separating This Opportunity From The Rest

By Robert Phillips On March 1, 2010 Under MLM Company Reviews

“Pyxism MLM Review”

Although it is always nice to have options, it can be a bit overwhelming and exhausting looking for the right home business opportunity for you.  There are hundreds of thousands of programs and businesses to choose from; some are legitimate and others are scams.  Here is a Pyxism review to help you better understand why this program stands out from the rest.

Right from the start Pyxism wanted to make it evident that it is the team that matters, not the individual.  During the pre-launch period this program held a month long contest.  Every month, the winner of the contest would win $1,000.  To highlight the team aspect, the winner was based on overall team growth; not individual sales.

If that were not enough, Pyxism announced a new $1.5 million contest focusing on the team again.  The company is setting aside $10 for every new associate.  As soon as 150,000 new associates have joined, the individual with the highest team growth will win $1,000,000.  Even if you come in second through 6th place you are guaranteed at least $50,000.

Now that you understand Pyxism is a team-oriented opportunity, let’s get into what else makes this program stand out.  The next point to make note of from this Pyxism review is the market the company is in.  This is the newest of the discount travel clubs, which is an industry that is booming online today.

Not only is this market booming, but so too is low entry cost programs.  People cannot afford to drop $1,000 to join a program anymore.  With this low entry cost and fast and high yield opportunity, entrepreneurs have a legitimate chance to make it big online today.

The next facet that increases the chances of you succeed with Pyxism is the leadership offered.  Far too many programs are too busy worrying about getting people to sign up that they forget about the people as soon as they do sign up.  This company was founded and solely owned by Lloyd Wilson, who has an outstanding track record for tremendous business systems and quality leadership.  There is no doubt you can and will succeed under him.

The last facet to keep in mind from this Pyxism review is the compensation plan.  Similar discount travel programs use a 2 by 3 matrix just like this Pyxism.  What makes Pyxism stand out is that it uses a true follow me matrix as oppose to a force fill cycling matrix.  In the end, this will reduce the number of new members that are needed to complete a matrix so that you can get paid quicker.

For just $325, you too can claim a spot in this tremendous program.  And if you really want to increase the chances of making bank, you can claim up to three spots within Pyxism.

If you enjoyed this Pyxism Opportunity Review and would like an alternative solution of chasing friends and family, running around town to do meetings, and cold calling for your MLM business, visit the one stop MLM Online Resource developed by an online marketing coach.

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One comment - add yours

March 7, 2010

Pyxism IS the company to watch out for in 2010. It will take the Internet by storm as more and more people hear about it. And guess what. I’m part of the team that won 4 out of the 5 contests during pre-launch. Way to go team!!