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Numis Network Review New Home Based Business Opportunity

By Justin D'Angelo On January 13, 2010 Under MLM Company Reviews

“Numis Network Review”

Numis Network is pioneering the sale of graded silver and gold numismatic coins through the network marketing industry.  This is a great opportunity for you to position yourself in front of this trend and capitalize on this new market category.  The company’s vision is to become the largest retailer in the world of these certified and graded precious metal coins by creating this new industry category.

Numis Network is on a global mission to help people create wealth, collect wealth, and preserve wealth with a home based business of their own in the silver and gold numismatic industry.  If you are going to collect something, why not collect the most precious and valuable money of all… silver and gold numismatic coins.

Here are some key points to consider while reviewing Numis Network:

  • Numis Network has products that are tangible assets and have proven to grow in value.
  • No need for any sales demo or testimonials.  The value of the products are obvious to everybody.
  • Graded silver and gold numismatic coins have never been sold through Network Marketing before.  Be one of the first in this huge $100 billion global market.
  • International expansion is already in the works.
  • Company founders are visionary leaders with strong, ethical track records of success.
  • Numis Network is NOT another ‘start-up’ company.  The founders have built back office systems for hundreds of other direct sales companies, and have now opened their own.
  • Industry Insiders have called Numis Network’s compensation plan “The RICHEST PAY PLAN” they’ve ever seen!
  • Numis Network provides you with a proven Online Marketing System with a set of user friendly automated tools to help you build and support your network marketing home based business.

Numis Network’s new home based business launched on August 15, 2009.  You are here at the beginning!  The time is now to become wealthy with this unique and prestigious home based business opportunity.  Top industry leaders are already getting positioned so get in now before they do.

Visit this link to learn how to team up with us and massively capitalize from this emerging trend in the months and years to come.

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3 comments - add yours
Adam Chandler

January 13, 2010

Great review Robert.. I think its important to point out that this is not some fly by night start up company.. The founders have serious track records of success in network marketing and direct sales. This business is going to explode!!

Thanks for the great info


January 13, 2010

Robert, this is a great post on Numis Network. You are so right about this opportunity—- If people want to make money with this opportunity– they deserve to connect with you. You are a true leader in this industry and this company and Im glad to be on your team.

Jim Chao

January 13, 2010

Robert, you made some very important key points in your article. It is absolutely true that this is one of the few networking businesses out there that you can have a capital gain even if one don’t sponsor a soul. But then again, it is alwasy a plus that numis converts so well :)