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Mike Dillard Review- A Review of His Black Belt Recruiting Course

By Justin D'Angelo On March 7, 2010 Under Top MLM Leaders

“Mike Dillard Review”

Mike Dillard is a successful MLM marketer who in 10 short years has gone from rags to riches. He is now offering people the chance to learn the recruiting strategy he uses, but is the Black Belt Recruiting Course worth it to you? That is what this Mike Dillard review will discuss.

Mike created this course to help you make money and to teach you valuable training that will help you with the recruiting process. The basis of the course is to teach you how to more effectively recruit because many people have trouble with this process. When you follow the course you will have a template that you can follow when calling prospects.

The course costs you $147 and you receive a 6-CD audio series that features interviews with Mark Wieser, Mike Dillard’s partner. Also, you will receive a 42 page booklet that contains a summary of the important points from the interview.

Some of the key things that Mike and Mark talk about in the interviews are: the most common objections and how to handle them, how to ask better questions, the psychology between recruiter and prospect, and many more important things to help you with your recruiting.

The thing that everyone always wants to know is if this course is worth it. The course will teach you how to handle rejection and how to respond to the normal objections that you will be presented with. It will effectively improve your ability to handle objections that you will be faced with. If you keep in mind that Mike was not always a success, you can find that his strategy improved him and it can improve you.

This course is worth every penny of the $147 you will pay to purchase it. While the price may seem high you need to keep it in respect to the price of other items, such as college textbooks. Textbooks continue to increase in price and are up to $100-$200 a book for a single class! Keep in mind that most things you learn in college are worthless where this course will earn you upwards of $10,000 with recruits, and it makes sense to invest in Mike’s course.

For $147 you can learn how to better handle calls with potential prospects. You will be given a template on what to say when you make calls and how to handle the specific objections you will be faced with. Follow Mike Dillard’s Black Belt Recruiting Course and you will be able to improve your recruiting and earn more money. So, after reading this Mike Dillard review you should now know if it is something for you.

Robert Phillips & Justin D’Angelo published this review on Mike Dillard to help you learn how to create unstoppable momentum in your MLM business.

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3 comments - add yours
Allen Taylor

March 7, 2010

Nice writing. You are on my RSS reader now so I can read more from you down the road.

Allen Taylor

Marcus Baker

April 22, 2010

Excellent review Robert. I have this course and it is worth every cent.


~Marcus Baker~
Attraction Marketing Specialist

Susanna Fera

April 26, 2010

Great review! My favorite course. Yes, we can go back and listen to this over and over again. This is great for ANY network marketer that markets on OR offline:)