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How To Work With Excellence

By April D'Angelo On March 18, 2010 Under Featured Post, Leadership

When it comes to working with excellence Howard W. Newton said it best, “People forget how fast you did the job- but they remember how well you did it.”

In order to really be committed to anything you have to be dedicated to the job well done.  Nothing is quite as inspiring or motivating as caring about the details.  Being a master craftsman at whatever it is you do. Choosing to follow this road is what sets the good apart from the best.

Anyone who is really looking to achieve new levels of success must be committed to excellence.  Looking back at some examples of those truly dedicated you will find people like Michelangelo who were totally driven on by excellence to complete the task no matter how long it took or how difficult it was.  A person who is committed to excellence wants others to inspect all the details.  They work hard and are not trying to cover things up.  Taking pride in what you do will inspire you to fine tune all your skills so you can produce your very best. Working with excellence is doing your very best in every area in every way. I believe you will find that when you put your whole heart into something then you won’t let your head talk you out of it when it gets difficult.

This is the kind of commitment that will take you where the half hearted will never go.

Remember nearly 75 percent of success is simply showing up!  There are two common ways people tend to approach their daily commitments. They either focus on the internal or the external.  Those who focus on the external believe it is their conditions that determine whether or not they keep their commitments.  Of course with kind of mindset their level of commitment is constantly changing.

On the other hand those who make their moves based on the internal, focus more on their choices.  Every choice they make  becomes a turning point that will either compromise or confirm their commitments.  When moments like these arise throughout the day you will be able to recognize them because;

a) a personal decision will be required
making this decision will cost you something
there will be others likely influenced by it

You cannot control the people around you.  And you cannot control your circumstances. But you alone can control your choices. By focusing on this and making these choices with integrity you will keep a close monitor on your level of commitment throughout the day. And it is your level of commitment each day that determines your life a success.

Robert Phillips

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7 comments - add yours
julie prawira

April 12, 2010

I agree with you, I do work hard to get what I want….

steve shoemaker

April 18, 2010

Great points Robert. I agree that there is a lot of power in choice and if focus on the internal what we can control we stand a far better chance getting the results we want.

Steve Shoemaker

Maria Eves

April 19, 2010

It takes Passion to drop and sacrifice other things one luv;s to do, for this industry of network marketing as a vehicle.

Robert I luv your post – and content.

Maria Eves

Marcus Baker

April 19, 2010

I enjoyed your post Robert. I have a little typed out message to myself that I can see all the time while I’m working. It simple says – “Manage Your Efforts Not Your Results”. There is not way we can manage our results but when we consistently attend to our efforts then then the results just happen.


~Marcus Baker~
Attraction Marketing Specialist

Jordan Schultz

April 19, 2010


Sticking around through the difficult times is the only way one will ever see and achieve the great success worth achieving. It is truly the journey of getting there that makes “BEING THERE” so wonderful.

Jordan Schultz
~social-media specialist~


April 21, 2010

Yeah, there is a lot of power in choice and if focus on the internal what we can control we stand a far better chance getting the results we want.

Martin Micka

April 24, 2010

Hi man, great post!