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Dani Johnson Review- A Review of the Successful Marketing Expert

By April D'Angelo On February 23, 2010 Under Top MLM Leaders

“Dani Johnson Review”

Dani Johnson is a successful author, marketing expert, and speaker, but she was not always in that position. If you are considering entering the network marketing industry you will hear a lot about Dani. But who is she and what exactly does she offer you? This article is a Dani Johnson review.

Before we take a look at what Dani offers it is important that you understand who she is. Dani is the founder of Call to Freedom Int’l and has had success as an author and speaker, but primarily as a marketing expert in the network marketing industry. She has overcome a lot to get the success she has received.

Dani started her business at 19 years old and her business quickly failed leaving her in debt. Shortly after she received some coaching and training and turned her failed business into a business earning her a monthly income of $20,000 in 5 months. In one year she would become a #1 international producer, earning $1,000,000 in 2 years.

She may be successful, but what she teaches makes you successful. She is a regular coach for new entrepreneurs, 6+ figure earners, and successful executives. Her main goal is to help you achieve your goals and make you a success. She was once in your position or worse, so she understands where you are and how to help.

Her main coaching strategy is to: develop leadership, prospecting, sales closing, time management skills, breaking financial bondage, spirituality, team synergy, etc. Everything she teaches she has personally done herself. She will not teach something that she has not done, and all the things she will teach you obviously work because of the position she is in today.

You are able to get her coaching through a library of resources that she provides that will help you with your personal, spiritual, and financial goals. The resources she provides are workshops, 1 on 1 coaching, phone coaching, and live weekend seminars. Also, she has a collection of hundreds of recorded conference calls that she provides on her website for free!

There should be no doubt that Dani Johnson is a good way to improve your business. She only teaches things she has personally done and practical principles to helping your business. This Dani Johnson review should help you realize that she is a successful businesswoman who can help you achieve the same level of success through her teachings.

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