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Best MLM Recruiting Secrets

By Justin D'Angelo On January 27, 2010 Under MLM Training & Tips

“Best MLM Recruiting Secrets”

MLM Recruiting is key to building momentum through your organization.  90% of your time should be focused on recruiting new reps and customers and teaching your teammates how to be effective recruiters.  New people are the lifeblood of the business.  You must learn and develop vital skills to be an effective recruiter and achieve success in the MLM industry.

Here are 3 of the most important skills when it comes to MLM recruiting:

  1. MLM lead generation both online and offline methods
  2. Art of asking questions and qualifying prospects
  3. Closing or making the sale

You must position yourself as a leader.  Let me paint a picture for you.  You are the CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation looking to fill a few key positions in your company.  You have thousands of applicants and hundreds of people to interview.  You ask qualifying questions during each interview because you want to hire the best candidates to work with in your company.  Your time is valuable and you are on a search for talent.  You are NOT a salesperson you are a business developer.  No one likes pushy sales people.  Remember they want what you have to offer.  You ask the questions and control the conversation and let the prospect sell them making an informed decision.  Create urgency and excitement.  Be yourself and be casual.  Do not chase prospects or ask them to do you a favor.  Remember you are doing them a favor by offering a solution to their problems.  You have a better way and they are looking to you for answers.

If you would like to learn STEP BY STEP how I have created massive success in my own MLM downline by applying these tips, visit my 8 Day Network Marketing Bootcamp and learn the best MLM recruiting secrets.

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3 comments - add yours
Bruce Shilander

January 27, 2010

Great article, short, concise, wise advice…


January 29, 2010

MLM is both good and bad home based business; the reason is:

1- if you know how to market the MLM and know how’s work? then fine you are on your way to making fortune.
2- if you don’t know how to market any MLM or you don’t know the way most likely you are going to lose.

in fact the way you market the MLM is a little bit different from Affiliate Marketing.

in either way “Do not chase prospects or ask them to do you a favor” that is the case you shouldn’t chase your prospect you must learn the tactics.

Great topics and great site for MLM.


Hi Robert, Good short article straight to the point. Full of good advice straight from Magnetic Sponsoring (Awesome ebook).


Tom Horton