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How To Get Rid Of Excuses Holding You Back

By admin On August 10, 2010 Under Motivation & Mindset

The funny thing about excuses is they can make even the wisest of men look like a fool.

Have you ever been expecting promised results from someone when to your bewilderment they only produced excuses.  Well, no matter how well thought out or extravagant they sound to the person giving them, they always look foolish to the one on the receiving end.

Are Excuses Holding You BackAs far as behavioral patterns are concerned I would say there are two categories; one produces results and the other produces excuses.  Both kinds of people are very predictable.  That’s because these are behaviors embedded in the very character of a person.  You know that if the first kind of person tells you they are on the job its as good as knowing satisfaction is guaranteed.  And of course in the very same way the second type of person no matter what they promise typically always produces to their own determent the same sorry excuses.

Excuses are a terrible type of achievement destroying cancer that ruins the potentials of all who fall victim to it’s grip.  It’s one of those character flaws or habitual deformities that not only destroys one’s future but their reputation as well.

We’ve all listened to an ear full from the people that go on and on about how no one appreciates their efforts and they work so hard but no one sees.  These are the same people that when asked about the goals they’ve achieved or the results they’ve produced there just doesn’t seem to be any significant results to show for.

Do NOT mistake your efforts for results!  Do NOT be one of those people who always has an excuse ready but no real drive to produce.

Do NOT allow excuses to destroy the potential of everything you are capable of achieving.

Responsibility is the victorious side.  It’s never too late to cross over! Success is the inevitable result of responsible living.

In life, in relationships, in business! Cheers!

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One comment - add yours
Andrew Zharikov - MLM Leads

December 17, 2010

Yes, it’s important to get rid of excuses! Thank you for the article!