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How to Get Out of Debt Fast

By admin On August 4, 20101 Comment

First of all there are two mindsets I want to address. One is that of the individual who is in debt and believes that he only needs to find the right get rich quick idea or a little known intellectual theory to escape his debt.   The other is the individual who is also in debt but is totally sold out on the idea that sacrifice, hard work, and total focus on the goal will get him out of debt.

How to Get Out of Debt FastThe first will end up half heartedly pursuing their goal but not really willing to work hard and sacrifice which will most likely just keep them discouraged and without victory.  But the surrender to the vision and the motivation to do whatever it takes of the second individual will almost with out question give them the desired results nearly every time.

Lets talk strategy.  Knowing that most things can be replaced, and besides the value of people, nothing should be worth more to you than your freedom.  This includes your financial freedom.  (Which of coarse directly ties to your time freedom) and so on and so forth.

You must rethink the way do everything.  Lower your overhead costs, sell everything you can, and radically change your spending habits.  Since nearly everything you do when you leave your house costs money (including driving) you can start by going out less.  When you are invited to go out for entertainment or “fun places” refrain to save money and stay focused on the goal.  Have yard sales.  Eat “creative” meals.  Sell extra vehicles.  Sell extra income property you may have.

The Point: Sell whatever it takes, Do whatever it takes to pay off your bills and get out of debt.

Delay your pleasures now and pay off one by one all those nagging, interest swelling debts.

Start by calculating what your budget is and sticking to it (no cheating).  You need to get current on your bills before beginning to eliminate your debt.  Start with your smallest to largest in paying things off.  Sacrifice whenever and wherever you can.  You want to reach your goals as fast as possible.

Just remember to use focused intensity.  Total abandonment to the goal!  This is your most vital component; focus and intensity. You must have the mindset that to the exclusion of virtually everything else I’m getting out of debt!

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Robert Phillips
Wealth Creation Expert

Recent Posts

How To Recession Proof Your Finances

By Robert Phillips On August 12, 2010 1 Comment

USA Today Declares Recession Proof Jobs

How To Recession Proof Your Finances

MLM is overriding the recession strain.
Click here to read: http://www.usatoday.com You heard it right.  The impact MLM or network marketing is having on us right now in this present time is really fundamental to our overcoming this financial crisis.

People are looking for ways to secure their careers and all the while watching faithful co-workers being “let go”.  Which brings me to the truly amazing realization.  We are going to have to remember what America did in the past to over come in our future.

What I mean by this, is we can ultimately save face by encouraging small businesses, home-businesses, MLM’s, entrepreneur’s to really make their way right here and right now.  This really is the number one way to recession proof your finances and create your own job security.  There of course will always be the exceptions.  One man’s stumbling block is another man’s stepping stone. You have a great opportunity to redeem the time and defy the gravity so to speak that is the financial status of today’s economy.

If you’re looking to recession proof your finances here’s a option we recommend: http://www.mlmdownlinesecrets.com

Robert Phillips
Wealth Creation Expert

How To Get Rid Of Excuses Holding You Back

By admin On August 10, 2010 1 Comment

The funny thing about excuses is they can make even the wisest of men look like a fool.

Have you ever been expecting promised results from someone when to your bewilderment they only produced excuses.  Well, no matter how well thought out or extravagant they sound to the person giving them, they always look foolish to the one on the receiving end.

Are Excuses Holding You BackAs far as behavioral patterns are concerned I would say there are two categories; one produces results and the other produces excuses.  Both kinds of people are very predictable.  That’s because these are behaviors embedded in the very character of a person.  You know that if the first kind of person tells you they are on the job its as good as knowing satisfaction is guaranteed.  And of course in the very same way the second type of person no matter what they promise typically always produces to their own determent the same sorry excuses.

Excuses are a terrible type of achievement destroying cancer that ruins the potentials of all who fall victim to it’s grip.  It’s one of those character flaws or habitual deformities that not only destroys one’s future but their reputation as well.

We’ve all listened to an ear full from the people that go on and on about how no one appreciates their efforts and they work so hard but no one sees.  These are the same people that when asked about the goals they’ve achieved or the results they’ve produced there just doesn’t seem to be any significant results to show for.

Do NOT mistake your efforts for results!  Do NOT be one of those people who always has an excuse ready but no real drive to produce.

Do NOT allow excuses to destroy the potential of everything you are capable of achieving.

Responsibility is the victorious side.  It’s never too late to cross over! Success is the inevitable result of responsible living.

In life, in relationships, in business! Cheers!

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How To Create Free PPC Leads Using Google Adwords

By admin On August 7, 2010 1 Comment

“PPC insight using Google Adwords”

First of all I think it’s important to understand why you want to use Google Adwords to create your PPC (Pay Per Click) leads.
Pay Per click (PPC) marketing in my opinion is the most effective advertising tool available to you and a skill you should develop in order to produce targeted leads online.

ppcMany marketers have created million dollar businesses using only Google Adwords PPC.  If you want to get targeted traffic fast and start generating quality leads for your business then PPC marketing is the solution.  However, it can be intimidating.  There is a learning curve with PPC marketing.  Before you jump in, you need an understanding of how pay per click marketing works.  That way you are spending your advertising money wisely and not just flushing it.  Which is really what is going on when business investors justify losing so much money.  There is always going to be some form of calculated loss but when you take the time to educate yourself first; you will have the upper hand.

Often times the search engines will lead you to believe that PPC marketing is so targeted that everyone makes money.  But you need to realize this is not the case.  When a market is competitive it requires learning, sound strategy, and tracking to generate profits.

The rare gem I’ve discovered about PPC is, it happens to be the only method of advertising in the world that gives you complete control.

  • What your leads cost
  • The quality of your leads
  • Your daily quantity of leads
  • And the message they read

Using Google Adwords gives marketers the competitive edge because everything you learn from PPC and keyword research is transferable to all other forms of marketing. You would be doing yourself a huge favor by learning the tricks to this trade.

Now the how to would take too long to put simply on this page. But the good news is you can learn from top internet marketers who have mastered these skills and are willing to share their strategies with you.

Learn How to generate free leads using Google Adwords Pay Per Click.

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Wealth Creation vs. How to Make Money

By Robert Phillips On August 3, 2010 No Comments

“Wealth Creation”

There is a subject that can be felt in the air at this present time.  Something that consciously I cannot avoid.  I feel it should be addressed at such an important time as this.

Many people are trying so diligently to make ends meet right now that the concept is not something they are directly thinking about.  By now you are probably wondering what I mean.  Well its funny how two completely different things can be looked upon as one and the same.

Cash is not the same thing as wealth.  Just like credit is not the same as cash.  What I am trying to say is making money is a short-term process, as well as a short term goal.  While wealth creation only happens in the long run and is a worthy goal to set yourself up for years to come.

Healthy economies are  established by wealth and power not by simply making money.  Picture a field of vegetation.  The farmers harvest and sell their crops year after year. They invest that money and buy more land.  They do the same and put more people to work and so on and so forth.  Then you have the guy that shows up to work day in and day out.  He is making money and eventually he will be able to afford to start payments on a new car; so he does.  Now he shows up day in and day out to keep up on the payments and put gas in the car.

It’s almost like people don’t  realize that to make more money you have to PLAN to make more money.  Some people’s problem is their income, not their spending.  The idea I am trying to have us engage in is focusing on wealth creation and savings rather than consumption and luxury.  Is what you invest your time in making you money in the short term or wealth creation in the long term?  Just throwing the idea out there.

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Robert Phillips

Wealth Creation Expert

Best Perpetual Traffic Formula Review And Bonus

By admin On July 18, 2010 No Comments

Interested in Perpetual Traffic Formula from Ryan Deiss?

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I’m offering the one thing that has actually helped me as a bonus… 1-on-1 help for 30 days.

I have a lot of experience in Internet Marketing and have built a very successful, 6 figure income for myself… and I’d like to help you.

While Perpetual Traffic Formula will go over how to drive massive traffic to your offers, you may still want some help on things such as crafting those offers to sell more and make you more money?

I will be there to help you out with that.

All you have to do is order through my affiliate link on this page and then email me once you do and we will be set!

Talk to you soon!

Including, Perpetual Traffic Formula bonus. So, please bookmark this post and keep coming back.

Talk soon,
Robert Phillips

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Robert & I Have A Crazy Secret

By Eric Green On July 12, 2010 No Comments

Hello all this is Eric Green AKA The Digital Gangster. I like to invade Robert’s blog from time to time to share some value and also do my best to pitch you lol. If I do pitch something you can bet it’s something I use and think would be extremely valuable to the reader so give me a break already.the-digital-gangster

So today I decided just to start a little buzz. Robert and I have a really big secret that nobody but a select few people even know about. Imagine if at a minimum of roughly about $50.00 a month you could get all this.

* A Complete Marketing System wrapped around a viable and real company

* Actual monthly product for your $50 and not electronic crap that is being passed around by everyone.

* Access to exclusive training by leaders who have actually leveraged the net to build large networks and not just talked about it in theory.

* An Opportunity to position with a team of Global Leaders who’s effort will help you develop your network.

Our little secret is very close to being revealed and I thought it might be good for me to just take a minute and give everyone a heads up. If you simple can’t wait for us to release the secret to everyone then feel free to get with Robert and let him know you read my post. We can give you some exclusive information prior to the viral launch that we plan on having very soon.

This is such an easy decision to make it’s crazy ridiculous or ridiculously crazy or something like that.

Anywho just contact Robert for details or wait for them to come to you… Either way we are about to explode this bad boy all over the net!

Eric Green AKA
The Digital Gangster

Free Customized WordPress Blogs?

By admin On July 7, 2010 No Comments
This may sound weird, but a few of my friends decided to give away free customized wordpress blogs: http://secrettrafficsystem .com/freeblog

If you go to the link above, they’ll build you a customized WordPress blog hosted on your domain for free!

Blogs like these usually cost $500 or more to purchase so they are limiting
this offer to the first 1000 right now..

I thought this is something that would definitely help your business so I wanted to tell you about this crazy deal while I still can :-)

Get yours here:
http://secrettrafficsystem .com/freeblog

This is all yours absolutely free of charge and there’s no catch-

The only thing you have to buy is, naturally, your domain and hosting :-)

Click the link at the bottom of this message to setup your free blog today..

..If the site says “CLOSED” that means they got too many orders and they had to close the doors to build customized blogs for everyone who acted fast.

Hopefully they won’t have to close it but just in case they do get yours now while you can!

Get yours here:
http://secrettrafficsystem .com/freeblog

Here’s what you get:

*Free Customized WordPress Blog Installed On Your Domain Name

*Complete Blog Setup, Social Profiles Added and SEO Ready

*Free Premium Theme

*Free Installation of 15 Top Plugins

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*Access To Additional Free Advanced Social Media Training

*FREE Access to a WordPress Traffic Course originally sold for $297!

Get yours here!
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Talk soon,
Robert Phillips3

Robert Phillips

p.s. If the website is still open, that doesn’t mean there’s time to spare!

They may have to close the doors at any moment to fulfill all these orders and they’ll probably have to start charging or take away some of the free bonuses soon.

Claim yours now!

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How To Write A Good Blog Post; 10 Key Points to Ponder

By Robert Phillips On July 7, 2010 2 Comments

Whether you are just getting started blogging or a problogger here are some keys to think about as you create a blog post:

  1. Come up with a Topic – Take the time to think about your target audience and what they want and focus your energy on providing a solution to their problem.
  2. Creating a Title – this is the most important aspect of the post because you must capture the attention of your audience and compell them to read your article.
  3. Opening Line – first impressions make or break your readers desire to dive deeper into the blog post.
  4. Go straight into the point of the article – if you want your blog post to go viral and get traction you must have a point or points for writing it.
  5. blogging1Call to Action – this helps make a deeper connection with your readers and engages them to do something which plants a post in their mind.
  6. Dig Deep – before publishing your post ask yourself how you could add depth to it giving your readers more value – making it more user-friendly.
  7. Fine Tune your Posts – Do NOT forget to fix errors using spell check or other tools.  Take your article to the next level by making sure it looks good and is easy to read.
  8. Publish Your Post at the Right Time – this is key to maximize the reach of your target audience.
  9. Promote Post – after publishing your article use a few strategies to market your blog posts.  This will increase the exposure it gets exponentially.
  10. Interact with Your Readers – have conversations with your readers and other bloggers by replying to comments and emails. Taking the time to connect can be very rewarding for both you and your readers!

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Are Your Videos Totally Lame & Not Being Found

By Eric Green On July 7, 2010 No Comments

Let’s be honest there are literally millions of videos out there and tons of people trying to utilize them to reach your target market. If your videos are lame and nobody can find them then your simply wasting your time. I found a great article by Eric Green AKA The Digital Gangster where he gives several tips on how to create and engaging video.lame

Tips Like:

Tip #1: Know Your Market

Tip #2: Keep Your Energy High

Tip #3: Using Effects

Engaging Video Tip #4: Eye Contact

Engaging Video Tip #5: Prepare

Click here to read the full post. The Digital Gangster is no stranger to video and is considered an expert. He not only utilizes it for himself but also consults with network marketing and small businesses clients setting up video marketing campaigns for them.

I hope you get value from this post.

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The Secret Traffic System Exposed By The Digital Gangster

By Eric Green On July 6, 2010 No Comments

The bottom line is I want to give an accurate account of the Secret Traffic System. Now of course this is based from my personal experiences being online for the last 3 years. I will also no limitadd the disclaimer that I do know thecreators of the Secret Traffic System.

As a matter of fact I am on my buddy Robert Phillips blog right now talking about it as a guest.

It’s pretty cool when you can sneak into someones blog to write a post about their product. I have seen people spend thousands of dollars in hopes that the information they are being provided can be of use to them and their businesses. The fact is most content out there isn’t really original at all and is resold over and over again. If your like me you have shelves of electronic crap on your computer that has robbed your pocket and hasn’t helped you at all.

I understand all the frustrations of being totally disappointed with marketing material that absolutely sucks. Also I really can’t stand reading pages and pages of written text and much prefer video based training that I can go through to teach me valuable strategies to help me get more traffic to my businesses.

The Secret Traffic System is really about quality and concise information that will help you garner more traffic to your business. It is module and video based so you can follow along quite easily and begin to implement these strategies. It also isn’t going to cost you a vacation or mortgage payment to access it. Rather you might have to give up a dinner with the wife but the information can help you pay for a vacation or mortgage payment which she will appreciate even more.

At this price point you have nothing to lose to access and go through this information. This isn’t vegas odds where the house always wins this is going to give you the pocket aces you need to win. Don’t waste anymore time and get cracking on this info so you can blow up your traffic and make more money!

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Eric Green AKA
The Digital Gangster